Upcoming events/rides....

Diane Hynam will be hosting a ladies only event next Wednesday 14th March in the clubhouse
The theme of the one hour session will be:
"Empowering women to ride bikes and/or triathlon!"
If you don't know Diane, who is a long standing member of our club, she is a record breaking  athlete with experience in running marathons, triathlon & time rials.
It will be an interactive session, with goal setting as a central theme. 
Cake & Welsh cakes will be provided with a free cuppa! 
We'd love to meet you & hear all about your future hopes & dreams, at 6.30 in the Bynea Clubhouse!


Weekly Schedule


Bynea Minis Track Session @ Carmarthen Velodrome 1800-1900

Senior Track Session @ Carmarthen Velodrome 1900-2100


Turbo @ Bynea Club 1830

Pain Cave @ Bethania Hall 1900-2000


Run Club @ North Dock 1900-2000


Turbo @ Bynea Club 

Time Trials 1900 (from April)

Friday Pier Run @ Bynea Club 18:00 From Club house

Club Ride @ Bynea Club 0900 (time subject to change)


Club Run @ Bynea Club 0900 (time subject to change)

Bynea Minis Swim @ Llanelli LC 1500-1600

For further details please see the facebook page.