Club Handbook

Jottings For Members

If you have a Club grievance, report to your Committee to deal with it. Do not make it bigger by gossip. Support your Committee in all their efforts - they are working on your behalf. When social and other events are arranged give your best support. Your attendance and interest will encourage your Officials and Committee to do more. A Club cannot live without financial support - keep it alive. Time is precious, so always be punctual for Meetings and Runs. You cycle for pleasure, so do not let speed be your master. Enjoy the beauty of the countryside. Refrain from littering up the beauty spots. Others want to see them after you.

Conduct on Club Runs

First of all, you require to have your cycle in good mechanical order, with two efficient brakes and a front and rear light - also a small repair kit. The captain is in full control of the club runs and all members must abide by his instruction. The Captain will control the pace to that of the slowest rider on all rides. Riders should not ride more than two abreast, and in single file on busy main roads, or when the Captain gives orders. Always ride in a manner which will be a credit to your club. We rely on your conduct for the reputation of the club.

If you should be unfortunate enough to have an accident whilst on your cycle, here are a few points to make notes on at the time of the accident (always supposing you are in a sufficiently fit state.)

  1. Take the name and address of the driver and the owner of the other vehicle. If a motor vehicle, note the registration number.
  2. Note how many occupants there were in the vehicle (if any other than the driver) at the time of the accident and how they were seated.
  3. Obtain names and addresses of the witnesses, independent of possible, the more the better.
  4. Take careful details of the width and condition of the road, and the positions of all the vehicles thereon at the time of the accident, particularly distances from the near side of the mad.
  5. Note the approximate speed of the various vehicles immediately before the accident if available.
  6. If at night, note whether lamps were alight and note their positions.
  7. Note what action, if any, was taken by either party to avoid the accident.
  8. Note whether any warning approach or any other road signal was given.
  9. Note the time the accident took place.
  10. Note approximate age of driver.
  11. Inform B.C.F., R.T.T.C. or C.T.C. immediately.

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