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FEB 2014

Bynea cycling club committee meeting

7.30pm Monday 3rd February 2014


There were no apologies


Present pr, CJ, NF, my, cd, AG, nG, nah, eg, nb, nbe, DW


Letter of complaint - it was agreed if necessary to write to PJ again that he will be invited before the committee to explain his conduct. 


Social fund - agreed that for transparency and to show the true costs of the annual dinner separately to the trophies that a social fund will be established which will not include trophy costs but will include the club dinner budget.


MH updates the meeting the dinner will be help on November 22nd 2014, ticket price £20.


CJ is to email Georgina Harper at welsh cycling to enquire about the outcome of their previous Breeze meeting.


DW read out a mail from Sally at Tredz asking if one of our members would write a blog.  CJ offered and to liaise with EG to publicise this more widely as the content would be relevant to a wider audience of people considering joining a club.


NB clarified that the Castles and Cathedrals sportive would be on October 23rd and would make 10 places available for members if those members would donate the £40 fee to shelter Cymru.


DW updated the meeting abouthis recent meeting with Mark Bowen and Aled Jones.


PR updated members regarding the forthcoming cycling forum in LLanerch, PR, Nigel Burford and Nick Bedd to represent the club.


Direct Debit membership payment - Nick Bebb to add DD overlay to existing membership form and return copies to CJ.


The Facebook and website were discussed and it as agreed that significant events need to be sent to Nigel for inclusion in the website.  This can be reinforced in club via announcements.  An administrator should also create a inboard at the top of the Facebook page for important events.


The minutes were accepted as a true record.


Member reports - NBe thanks CJ for her efforts with membership, the balance is now £1558.80.  It was agreed that an outstanding invoice to Bob Jones be paid £58 for marshalling duties last year.  Overall, the account is looking reasonable.  Nick will chase insurance brokers for coverage for the building. 


Club kit costs were discussed and it was agreed to carry out a stock take of kit in store and that a list of the stock would periodically be put on the website.


Nigel Burford - NBu is in communication with the Carten eye am on an extra entry and has also provisionally booked a hotel in Tenby.  Nigel is keen to organise a sportive and it was agreed to organise a modest event on the day of the Dragon Ride. A working group was established cd, my, nG, nh, nb, NF and the group would prepare a report for the next meeting.


AG - it was agreed that members would be strongly discouraged from riding club organised open events on the vale of Neath courses in favour of marshalling.


Sospan ride - we have been approached to host and cater for the sportive at the club.  NF will seek clarification from Peter at County Cycles what is actually wanted.


EG - waiting for info from members, he has had 2 press releases in the local press on the back of Ed and joe successes.  Would want to publicise the sportive and any other significant events.


CD - reported that he had had no luck in arranging a date for Newport velodrome and would email them once again as a matter of urgency.


CJ - being assertive with members regarding membership.


PR - weather not helping the situation.  It was suggested all rides leave HQ at 9 to attempt to restart the art of the group ride. Note: if rides leave at 9, at least starting together, people can take off and go faster if they want, turn back early if they have family commitments.  The only eventuality this can't cope with is if people cannot leave at 9.


10pm at this point DW left the meeting.

DEC 2013

Bynea Cycling Club

Committee Meeting Monday 2nd December 2013


Present:           Andrew Grist, Bob Ibell, Nicola Howells, Nicola Griffiths, Nic Forbes, Martin Harsant, Paul Rees, Darrel Williams. (Nigel Burford arrived at 8.00pm)

 Apologies:       Chris Davies, Charlie Jennings, Nic Bebb, Emyr Griffiths.

 The meeting opened, PR welcomed BI to his first committee meeting.

 There was a discussion about the letters of complaint received in the previous meeting, DW brought BI up to speed.  It was agreed that PR would send a copy of EG letter to DW and that a letter should be sent to PJ and TS at the same time.

 Trophy costs – a discussion took place about the costs of club trophies, it was agreed in principle that trophy awards should come with a plaque, every other award should be in the form of a certificate.  NF to develop a list of the trophies for the 2014 awards to have an idea of potential costs.

 Annual Dinner – MH read out a very thorough report and balance sheet showing a net deficit of £146.50 and proposed that we re-book the hotel for 2014 agreed unanimously.  PR noted that we must remember who had donated to the Dinner and reply with thanks, Action - MH.  It was agreed that MH to liaise with Nick Bebb to establish a ‘social fund’. 

 Invitation run – BI noted that the run to Llandovery on Feb 22nd should be put on the calendar as a matter of importance.

 Ideas for 2014.

 Sportive – possibly in August, to pitch the event at beginners.  Nigel Burford to look for a date for an event although the calendar is tight.

 Rugby Run – the committee is looking for a volunteer to organise the event, MH suggests Huw Smith.

 Carten event – May 10th

 Members reports

 Paul Rees read out a press report from Emyr Griffiths which was well received by Members present.

 First Aid training – to take place on Thursday evening December 5th.  DW to contact Diane Hynam to explore the possibility of putting on First Aid training for members.

 Christmas ‘Do’ – Agreed the date of Wednesday December 18th, fancy dress event, Christmas plate and bottle of Christmas fizz.

 PR read out an email update from CJ, reiterating that he is keen for the club to lead the way in organising women’s racing.

 MH updated members that the racking system in the store room is making progress.

 NB informed members that the dates for 2014 Sportives would be in the club website shortly.

 AG – visited TRW Resolven for the CTT AGM.

 DONM 13th January 2014.

October 2013

Bynea Cycling Club Committee Meeting 7th October 2013


Present: Paul Rees, Nigel Burford, Charlie Jennings, Darrel Williams, Martin Harsant, Nick Bebb, Andrew Grist, Nic Forbes.


Apologies: Emyr Griffiths, Nicola Griffiths, Sarah Rees.


Club Rules: Nick Bebb kindly agreed to have the paper version of the rules tabled by Betty Owen to be retyped to be available electronically to make the process of amendment more straightforward.


Club trophies: Nic Forbes has started the process of auditing the trophies; Nic went through the trophies linking them to individual previous winners to take forward the process of identification.  CJ agreed to send an email reminder to previous winners by email.


Swansea developments: the next meeting is on 21st October but the committee are unable to attend.  PR is being copied in to various emails about the projects progress.


Sportives: DW to forward a letter of thanks to County Cycles for their support of the club.


Club Annual Dinner: Mr and Mrs Carroll were really pleased to be invited to the Dinner.  MH confirmed that John Herety had agreed to be chief guest and that he was soon to visit the Diplomat Hotel to check arrangements for the event.


Builth Wells weekend, MH advised the committee that nearly 40 places have been booked.


Llandovery RFC: it was agreed that the weekend of February 22nd would be an ideal opportunity to organise a weekend to Llandovery with the aim of watching the game with the Match ball sponsored by the club.


Club membership fees: it was agreed unanimously to propose to the forthcoming AGM that the Club raise fees for 2014 season.


Time Trials: agreed unanimously to propose to the AGM that the club increase the TT levy for the 2014 season.  AG advised the committee that the club was to organise events on the Vale of Neath courses on 20 and 21 June 2014.


AGM: arrangements were in hand for the AGM, a meeting was arranged for 21st October to run through reports and to confirm plans.


Winter programme:  it was agreed that committee members would seek to organise a number of social events over the winter months including:


  • Belgium Classics Night (Chris Davies)
  • Quiz
  • Classic Stages of the Tour de France
  • Basics of training (Darrel Williams)
  • Thursday Gym – 60 minutes including jog, turbo, core stability work
  • Spinning/ sufferfest
  • Cooking for Cycling (Charlie Jennings)
  • Basics of First Aid 5th December (Yeung Ng)




A new First Aid Kit is needed for the club, plus one or two smaller kits that can be taken on club runs and similar.


NOV 2013


September 2013 meeting

Bynea Cycling Club

Committee Meeting 7.30pm 2nd September 2013

Present: Nic Forbes, Mark Bowen, Andrew Grist, Chris Davies, Martin Harsant, Nigel Burford, Nick Bebb, Paul Rees, Darrel Williams, Betty Owen was present for the completion of the club rules review.

Apologies: Charlie Jennings, Emyr Griffiths.

The meeting considered the last section of the rules.  It was agreed that Betty would make the alterations recently agreed and present a set of updated draft rules at the next meeting.  It was also agreed that a special meeting would be arranged to consider adoption of the new rules  rather than to consider these in addition to the AGM.

It was agreed Nic Forbes would carry out a review of the awards in the club, including trophies, who has them and which awards are still live.

MB advised the committee that he had met with Liz Slater from Welsh Cycling to go over the proposed course for the 2014 Tour of the Gower and agreed that the course was appropriate.  The race will have two groups –E12 10.30 start 5 laps and 80 riders, 3 / 4 race proposed as the Ben Carroll Memorial Road Race to cover 4 laps of the same course.  It was agreed that MB contact Tudor Thomas to confirm whether on-line entries could be used for club road race events for 2014.  MB to prepare a short cost benefit paper and submit to NBe for comments.  MB also confirmed that the plans for Pembreycriteriums are ongoing and it is hoped that clubs in the region will organise 9 events in 2014.

Swansea developments – it appears that there is a fragmentation in the group as there are lots of different ideas for cycling facilities floating around.  Agreed that CD would keep a watching brief on Swansea developments bearing in mind what was recently discussed with WC re potential developments at Crosshands.

Tour of Pembrokeshire Sportive – a letter is needed similar to that agreed to County Cycles for their support of the club when members have entered their events.  DW to action.

WC Awards – DW to confirm the club book a table for 10.

Club Dinner – it was agreed that the club would invite a number of guests to the dinner; Anne King + 1, Mr and Mrs Carroll, Peter and Sandra at County Cycles, James and Judith from Primal. 

MH confirmed that arrangements have been made for the club’s autumn weekend ride to Builth Wells, 50 beds booked and a cost to members of £30.

PR – Llandovery RFC match ball sponsorship – it was agreed to identify a date later in the season and to make the event into a weekend ride, staying in the area of Builth on the Saturday night.

Winter programme – it was noted that committee members should sit down after club one night and draw up a list of winter club runs including the Christmas lunch run on the 14/15 December.


Club Membership fees – that the club raise fees to £10 junios, £25 Senior, £35 family.  Committee needs to agree if this is a committee motion to the AGM.

Time trials – AG to develop a business case for increasing the levy and to show clearly the reasoning behind any proposed increase.  Part of the rationale for an increase in fees generally is to avoid cash flow problems, to build up some reserves and put the club on a more sound financial footing.

It was noted that club organising more time trials, road races and a sportive in 2014 would help with cash flow.

The meeting drew to a close at 10.30pm.  Date of next meeting Monday 7th October 2013.