AGM 2011

Annual General Meeting 2011
Below can be found a summary account of the minutes of the 2011 Annual General Meeting for those who could not attend. Many thanks to Club Secretary John Hynam for putting this together for the website.



 Items for Discussion

6.1       That the 2012 increase in CTT levy from £1 to £2 per person per ride for club time trials be passed on to club members by means of an increase in membership fee or club TT levy.
It was agreed to increase the Club TT levy from £10 pa to £15 pa                  Carried
6.2       That new club members joining between Sept 1st and Dec 31st shall be entitled to all privileges of membership until Dec 31st the following year.                           Carried
6.3       That press secretary be made a club committee position.                    Carried
6.4       That there be an extra 3 time trials in the season two of them being hill climbs, one early season and one mid season.
It was agreed that hill climbs be substituted for two existing TTs, one being early and one mid season.                                                                                                            Carried
6.5       That the open 30 TT course be changed to a course based in Llandeilo using the A40 to Carmarthen   and back.                                                                               Rejected
6.6       That the club investigate the possibility of renting the clubhouse roof to a solar PV producer.                                                                                                               Rejected
Election of Officials for 2012
President:  Tom Samuel
Vice Presidents:  D.A. Jones, I. Wheeler, Mrs. B. Owen and T.R. Thomas
Chairperson:  Paul Rees
Secretary:  John Hynam
Treasurer:  Nick Bebb
Time Trial Secretary:  Phil Jones
Road Race Secretary:  Tudor Thomas (assisted by Chris Davies)
Track Secretary: Chris Davies
Mountain Bike Secretary:  None elected
Captain: Paul Rees
Vice Captain: Julius Bancud 
Chief Warden:  Alan Owen
Social Secretary:  Paul Rees
Press Secretary:  Scott Bennett and Emyr Griffiths
Membership Secretary:  Tom Samuel
Club Coach:  John Evans.
Members to make up the Committee: Nic Forbes, Gareth Fenn (Junior member)
Election of Officers
Handicapper:  Phil Jones.
Timekeeper:  John Bevan, Paul Rees.
Assistants TK:   Phil Jones, Julia Jones, Tom Samuel, Dave Brice and Tudor Thomas.
Child Protection Officer:  Diane Hynam.
Web Page Administrator:  Scott Bennett
Delegates of Affiliated Organisations
Welsh Cycling Association (WCA):  Dave Brice, John Evans
Cycling Time Trials (CTT): Mark Hiddlestone, Tudor Thomas
Welsh Cycling Union (WCU): Tudor Thomas, Chris Davies
Welsh Road Association (WRA):  nil at present.
West Wales Cycling League (WWCL):  nil at present
Welsh Cyclo-Cross Association (WCCA):  Dave Seward
Club Member of the Year
Alan Owen
Most Improved School Rider
Kieran Rees
Ride of Merit
Joe Holt : Winner U14 Welsh RR Champs.
Next AGM Wednesday 24th October 2012 at 7.00 pm.