AGM 2012

Minutes of the 77th AGM held on 24th October 2012
Below can be found a summary account of the minutes of the 2012 Annual General Meeting for those who could not attend. Many thanks to Club Secretary Darrel Williams for putting this together for the website.
Attendance: See signed sheet.
Apologies for absence: Diane Hynam, Betty Owen
Minutes of 2011 AGM read by secretary and accepted (Paul Rees, John Evans).
Matters Arising: None
4.1 President: Tom Samuel reported a successful year for the club, membership having risen to over 150. He thanked all who were involved.
4.2 Chairman: Paul Rees agreed what TS had said and thanked the membership.
4.3 Secretary: No report
4.4 Treasurer: Nick Bebb submitted a detailed cash flow statement (attached).
He stated that the audited accounts would be available by the next committee meeting.
He reported that the clubs main income had been from membership fees and the main expenditure had been the continuing Clubhouse renovation. He also reported that the Community Chest and Sports Council grants had been closed out.
4.5 Time Trial secretary: Phil Jones had resigned his position as TT secretary at the previous committee meeting and was not present to give a report.
4.6 Membership secretary: Tom Samuel reported a good year with 151 members (123 previous year) There were 92 renewals and 59 new members.
4.7 Press Secretary: Emyr Griffiths reported regular press coverage in the Llanelli Star, Carmarthen Journal and Evening Post with the reports gaining prevalence. He had also had requests from the press to supply material.
He had compiled a folder of all the press cuttings and was making this available for members to read.
4.8 Chief Warden: Alan Owen thanked all the members who had helped with the clubhouse renovation.
4.9 Captain: Paul Rees reported another good year for the touring section with Saturday club runs particularly well attended.
4.10 Track Secretary: Chris Davies reported that two club sessions at the Newport Velodrome had attracted over 25 riders on Sunday evenings and that the track had been booked again for April 2013.
The club track championships will hopefully be held early on in the 2013 season but the Carmarthen track is currently closed due to H&S issues.
4.11 Road Race Secretary: Tudor Thomas thanked John Evans and John Holt for leading the Machynys circuit training sessions and Gareth and Derek Fenn for producing the club handbook.
Several riders had been lost to sponsored clubs in the area making it difficult for Bynea to field a RR team.
The club RR champ 2012 is Craig Seaman who finished the season as a 2nd cat with 68 points.
TT thanked John and Tina Holt for transporting club riders to races. He also thanked all those who helped run the Tour of Carmarthenshire RR on June 3rd
Only one Pembrey crit had been held before a dispute with the race circuit owner stopped the events.
4.12 Club coach: John Evans reported that he was going on a coaching course for RR, TT and sportives in Nov 2012. He is running circuit training sessions in LLC until the Machynys road circuits begin.
5. Other reports none
Items for Discussion
6.1       That the club become affiliated with British/Welsh Triathlon Association                                                                                          Carried
6.2       That the club kit be updated
6.3       That the Bynea CC Press Secretary confines his reports to the activities of members of  Bynea CC.                                                                                         
6.4       That only first claim members of Bynea CC be allowed to speak and vote at AGM/ special General Meetings.       
6.5       That a new committee post be created in the form of a Sportive Secretary with Nigel        Burford as the Secretary.
6.6       (i) That the Club elects 3 extra vice captains                                                           Carried
            (ii) That these be committee positions                                                                    Rejected
6.7       That the club applies annually for the Community Chest grant from Sport Wales to cover             the costs of prospective club coaches and cycle training equipment.
6.8       That the club explore the feasibility of using the link (A484) road from North Dock to         Penclacwydd roundabout, utilising the Delta Lake circuit as a short distance Time Trial    course not necessarily covering the standard distances.
6.9       That the club rescind the rule requiring paid up members to have more than 6 months       standing in order to have a vote at club meetings.
6.10     That the club explore the possibility of adopting a system of proxy voting at Annual and    Special meetings.
6.11     That the club as a matter of urgency explore the feasibility of taking a sponsor to be          recognised appropriately on club clothing.
Confirmation of Trustees
Mr A C Owen, Mr D A Jones, Mr T Jones, Ms S Rees
Election of Officials for 2013
President: Tom Samuel
Vice Presidents: D.A. Jones, I. Wheeler, Mrs. B. Owen and T.R. Thomas
Chairperson: Paul Rees
Secretary: Darrel Williams
Treasurer: Nick Bebb
Time Trial Secretary: Andrew Grist
Road Race Secretary: Scott Bennett
Sportive Secretary: Nigel Burford
Track Secretary: Chris Davies
Mountain Bike Secretary: None elected
Captain: Paul Rees
Vice Captain: Julius Bancud 
Chief Warden: Martin Harsant
Social Secretary: Paul Rees
Press Secretary: Emyr Griffiths
Membership Secretary: Charlotte Jennings
Club Coach: John Evans.
Members to make up the Committee: Gareth Fenn, Nicola Griffiths, Nic Forbes, Sarah Rees
Election of Officers
Handicapper: nil at present
Timekeepers: John Bevan, Paul Rees.
Assistants TK: Julia Jones, Tom Samuel, Dave Brice and Tudor Thomas.
Child Protection Officer: Diane Hynam.
Web Page Administrator: Scott Bennett
Delegates of Affiliated Organisations
Welsh Cycling Association (WCA): Dave Brice, John Evans
Cycling Time Trials (CTT): Andrew Grist, Tudor Thomas
Welsh Cycling Union (WCU): Scott Bennett, Tudor Thomas, Chris Davies
Welsh Road Association (WRA): nil at present.
West Wales Cycling League (WWCL): nil at present
Welsh Cyclo-Cross Association (WCCA): nil at present
Club Member of the Year:               Nigel Burford
Most Improved School Rider:         Will Roberts
Ride of Merit:                                                Kelly Rowland: Lands End to John O Groats
AOB: None
Next AGM Wednesday 23rd October 2013 at 7.00 pm.