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June 13

Bynea Cycling Club


Committee meeting 7.30pm Monday 10th June 2013


Present Betty Owen, Paul Rees, Chris Davies, Nick Bebb, Emyr Griffiths, Gareth Fenn, Andrew Grist, Charlie Jennings, Martin Harsant, Darrel Williams.


Apologies Nic Forbes, Nigel Burford.




BO informed the meeting that the final version of the rules would need to go before the AGM as a committee proposal.  It was agreed that this would give a target date of the end of September to complete the work. 


An examination of the rules around the Management committee took place. It was agreed to cover finance at the next meeting.


Members reports

CJ 202 members although having to chase around 25 renewals, CJ has circulated a draft reminder ltr to committee members and has also been working on a new membership form which will cater for photographic consent.


AG time trials have had a successful month, the club weekend reasonably Successful, numbers slightly down in the 10.  PR commented that as capacity allows it would be a positive for the club to publicise the weekend more, to give it more of a festival atmosphere for the next weekend.  PR congratulates Andrew on his success in the role of tt secretary.  It was agreed that the mountain trial would now take place on August 25th.


NB over £3,000 in the current, including £1,000 from nationwide after paying the shortfall of £574 after the recent team store.  Also paid a deposit for the club dinner.  Finances are looking reasonable and it is hoped to streamline the accounts in the near future.


CD been a quiet month.  The committee felt that it would be beneficial to begin to make use of the track in Carmarthen and empowered CD to make arrangements for a regular training session from 7 to 9 pm Tuesdays, beginning with freewheel bikes, progressing to fixed.  PR informed the committee that he is also awaiting dates for further sessions at Newport Velodrome, the vision being to bring interested members up to a reasonable standard rather than stop start as has happened previously.


PR team store closed last week, there will be some spares of kit, e.g. Overshoes, womens' leg warmers and arm warmers.  The kit will be back in 8 to 10 weeks.  PR wants to raise members awareness of needing to plan for the winter and to begin to think about and budget for that now.  It was agreed that ls jerseys and roubaix bottoms and the paradigm jackets would be the subject of the next order.  It was agreed that interest would be gained in the club and that we would provide members with a date of mid July for closing the order book.  This will focus people's minds.  DW to put a note on Facebook to begin a discussion.


MH. Noted that the tuck shop is proving very successful and that supplies have been. Bought for the refurbishment of the back room.  MH wants to push on and finish it but has been ill.  A discussion took place about the club dinner, £500 been committed as a deposit, it was agreed to pay the £750 asked by the band and the event has been booked for 23rd November at the Diplomat.




PR will contact Tina Grech to move on with making arrangements for fundraising and carrying out First Aid training.


DW brought up Nic Forbes email (below) which was noted.



1. just to confirm that we have affiliated with British Triathlon.. I have entered my first triathlon under Bynea CC, also been speaking to friends who are celtic tri - and explained that they could join us as well or in some cases instead!...


2. Club kit - if we have not ordered any kit yet we need to asap - especially the good sellers like jerseys. My fear is that with an 8-10 week delivery it is going to run towards the end of summer unless we order now.. As I say - it may already be in hand but would like clarification.


Date of next meeting to be 7.30pm Monday 1st July.