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August 2013

Committee Meeting 7.30pm 12 August 2013

Present: Betty Owen, Paul Rees, Chris Davies, Nic Forbes, Gareth Fenn, Mark Bowen, Andrew Grist, martin Harsant, Darrel Williams.

Apologies: Nick Bebb, Emyr Griffiths, Nicola Griffiths, Charlie Jennings.

The meeting began with a review of the club rules section on awards, in addition to minor changes it was agreed that after the club trophies are returned that PR and BO will kindly undertake a review of which trophies/ awards are live, which have had a name change and which are now obsolete.This to be completed by the Club Dinner to avoid any confusion with awards on the night.

DW to check the previous Committee resolution on cyclo cross and forward that to BO.

It was agreed that as a result of the excellent work carried out so far on the Club Rules revision that rather than attempt to combine this with the club AGM that a special meeting be called to consider the changes to existing rules.

Matters Arising:

It was noted that significant progress has been made in chasing up lapsed members, the committee expressed thanks to CJ for her sterling work.

DW to draw up a draft Health and Safety Policy and procedures relating to club activities and events.

It was noted that the bill from Welsh Cycling for coaching courses had now been settled in full, thanks to NB.

Welsh Cycling Meeting 15th July MB reported that the clubs were well represented and the purpose of the meeting was to work up suggestions for events in 2014.  The target is for each club to hold an additional road race and also to collaborate on organising a series of criteriums at Pembrey in May, June and July.  MB to organise 2 crits and the Tour of Gower in September, Liz Slater (WC) is coming to visit Mark on Tuesday 20th to look at the potential route.  Tudor Thomas to organise a race based on the Drefach circuit at the end of March in addition to the Tour of Carmarthenshire.

Swansea facility meeting – CD reported that the focus of this group appears to be on the development of a bmx/ skate facility and that the officers supporting are trying to locate an existing building in which to house an indoor facility.  It was noted that HOPE had installed a track at their factory for £2M.  The next meeting of the group is planned for September.  It is felt important that the club has a strong representation to influence the group to include a velodrome in their plans at this important stage of development.

PR reported that the kit situation is improving and that all orders will in future be carried out through Team Store.  County Cycles have expressed an interest in stocking club kit.  It was reported that the club has received a cheque for £280 for the 56 club riders who took part in the Merlin sportive event. DW to draft a letter to County Cycles acknowledging the quality of the event and the committee’s thanks.

It was proposed by AG and seconded by CD that the minutes are a true record of the previous meeting.


DW read out a letter received from a member of the public making a complaint about aspects of the club’s open 50 in May.  DW to forward the letter to AG to draft a response on behalf of the committee.

Welsh Cycling Awards – DW to circulate the email to committee members.

Letter SB – PR read out a letter from RB, the contents of the letter were discussed once again and it was agreed unanimously that the previous decision regarding SB conduct should stand.  DW to draft a letter to RB, forward to PR.

DW noted that he had received an email from a firm of consultants acting on behalf of Swansea Highways advising of potential hazards around Loughor Bridge.  DW has forwarded the mail to PR and NB for inclusion on the club website and Facebook.

Any Other Business

NF proposed that Ben Carroll be given posthumous life membership of the club.  It was agreed that CD would contact Mark Bowen to approach the Carroll family about whether they would appreciate the gesture and whether they would wish to attend the club dinner to receive the award.

AG noted that the club will need to identify organisers for Time Trials for 2014 and it was agreed that the club would seek to promote at least two events on the Vale of Neath Courses.  AG to put up a list of dates for 2014 and a request for organers on the TT Board in the club.

AG queried whether DW had received communication from Robin Field regarding dates of our events for 2014.  DW to check emails at home but nothing received in the post.

It was noted that Dave Brice is organising a tour in September and that MH would begin to organise the annual Builth weekend over the next few weeks.

The meeting closed at 11pm.

Date of Next Meeting: 2nd September 2013.