DEC 2013

Bynea Cycling Club

Committee Meeting Monday 2nd December 2013


Present:           Andrew Grist, Bob Ibell, Nicola Howells, Nicola Griffiths, Nic Forbes, Martin Harsant, Paul Rees, Darrel Williams. (Nigel Burford arrived at 8.00pm)

 Apologies:       Chris Davies, Charlie Jennings, Nic Bebb, Emyr Griffiths.

 The meeting opened, PR welcomed BI to his first committee meeting.

 There was a discussion about the letters of complaint received in the previous meeting, DW brought BI up to speed.  It was agreed that PR would send a copy of EG letter to DW and that a letter should be sent to PJ and TS at the same time.

 Trophy costs – a discussion took place about the costs of club trophies, it was agreed in principle that trophy awards should come with a plaque, every other award should be in the form of a certificate.  NF to develop a list of the trophies for the 2014 awards to have an idea of potential costs.

 Annual Dinner – MH read out a very thorough report and balance sheet showing a net deficit of £146.50 and proposed that we re-book the hotel for 2014 agreed unanimously.  PR noted that we must remember who had donated to the Dinner and reply with thanks, Action - MH.  It was agreed that MH to liaise with Nick Bebb to establish a ‘social fund’. 

 Invitation run – BI noted that the run to Llandovery on Feb 22nd should be put on the calendar as a matter of importance.

 Ideas for 2014.

 Sportive – possibly in August, to pitch the event at beginners.  Nigel Burford to look for a date for an event although the calendar is tight.

 Rugby Run – the committee is looking for a volunteer to organise the event, MH suggests Huw Smith.

 Carten event – May 10th

 Members reports

 Paul Rees read out a press report from Emyr Griffiths which was well received by Members present.

 First Aid training – to take place on Thursday evening December 5th.  DW to contact Diane Hynam to explore the possibility of putting on First Aid training for members.

 Christmas ‘Do’ – Agreed the date of Wednesday December 18th, fancy dress event, Christmas plate and bottle of Christmas fizz.

 PR read out an email update from CJ, reiterating that he is keen for the club to lead the way in organising women’s racing.

 MH updated members that the racking system in the store room is making progress.

 NB informed members that the dates for 2014 Sportives would be in the club website shortly.

 AG – visited TRW Resolven for the CTT AGM.

 DONM 13th January 2014.