Club Weekend, Llandovery 2013

 Bynea Cycling Club - Llandovery Weekend

During the bank holiday weekend in May is the Club weekend in Llandovery. This is a different sort of tour to the Saundersfoot or Llandrindod weekends as riders usually make their own way there, either by bike or car.

On the weekend, various open events are held by the club as it is a weekend of racing and not just touring. Riders from from other clubs in our area as well as across the entire country to participate.

On the Saturday an open 10 mile time trial is held by the club on the R10/4 course. Then, on the Sunday, an open 25 mile time trial is held by the club on the R25/4 course. Finally, on the bank holiday Monday is the club's road race of the year, the Bynea Tour de Carmarthenshire.

Tourers on the weekend don't have to do all or any of the above events, but some of the guys up there will be taking part. The nights are spent camping in a camp site near the HQ for the above events, the Llandovery RFC club and all attending need to make their own arrangements as to tents etc. Members come and go from the club weekend as they please so it is less of a tour, more of a gathering, but still worth a visit.

If you would like to take part in the touring aspect of the weekend then you only need to contact the club Captain or Vice Captain and enquire about plots on the campsite etc.

However, if you are looking to take part in the events you need to enter in advance or incur a higher entry fee on the day of the event. The time trials are run under Cycling Time Trials and links to the events on the CTT website are accessible from the time trials section of this website. Although, seen as the time trials are organised by members of the club you can usually find them in the club to give your entry form and fee.

For the Tour de Carmarthenshire, this event is run under 'British Cycling', the national cycling organisation and again, links to the listing on the BC website can be found on the Road Races section of this website. And also with this one, this race is organised by the club, usually Tudor Thomas, so you can pay him and give your form.

NOTE: Because the events on the Llandovery weekend are run at Open level, you need to have a British Cycling racing licence to participate which can be purchased on the British Cycling website. If you do not have a British Cycling racing licence then you will NOT be able to participate. Also, the entry forms mentioned can be downloaded from the two websites respectively, depending on which event you want to enter.