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Bynea Cycling Club - Touring

Touring at Bynea CC goes hand in hand with Club Runs and are in many ways similar to Club Runs, just a lot bigger.

Club Tours are organised by the same people as the Club Runs, the Club Captain and Vice Captain and indeed the members.

This year (2012/13) Tim has kindly put himself forward to organise some of these events. Tim can be contacted on the following details:

Tim: 01267267823 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Unlike Club Runs, Club Tours normally cover a large distance and last an entire weekend, with the night spent in some form of accomodation. 

If you would like to attend these weekends then you need to go to club nights in the month leading up to the tour, as sign up sheets are pinned up and deposits are collected for the accomodation. For the Club Weekend, simply contact the club Captain or Vice Captain to see whether there is a pitch available and sort your sleeping arrangements.

All tours are a great adventure along with a great test of your legs over long distance and all travel through beautiful Welsh countryside. There is usually very good attendance to all tours so you will have plenty of people to talk to and have a laugh with and there will be plenty of memories (especially after the Saturday night)!

For further info on club tours, please attend during our Wednesday night club night or any of the club runs.