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Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting

Bynea Cycling club are proud to support both County Cycles Crosshands and Pro Motion Dynamics Cardiff for their services towards a comprehensive Bike Fit.

Please use the following links to read further on both these services.




Weekly Activities

Tuesday 7.00pm (Circuit Training)

Circuit training is arranged by one of our coaches with venues and times confirmed each week.


Wednesday 7.30pm (Club night)

Fast group ride leaving from the club house approximately 7.30pm for 10-15 miles comprising of a flat 1 mile lap based on the coast road by Lidl.  Road bike ride with lights a requirement on dark winter nights (lap is lit but link road to and from club to lap is not). Fast ride and very exciting. This ride is not a club run and does not contribute to club run points. It is a fast ride that does not pace to the slowest rider. This is not for everyone and if you are not interested in fast riding then there is no shame in staying behind for lots of tea in the clubhouse and a good social evening to enjoy.


Thursday 6.30pm (Turbo Sessions October to March)

These sessions will be held at the Club house. bring your own turbo and a towel. Time trial events start in March and hence these sessions are likely to cease by the end of March.

Club Time Trial events run from March through until September


Saturday 9.30am (Club Run)

Club Run - 9:30am from the club house.  Destination varies but paced to the slowest rider with a cafe stop half way.  Typically we get 25 riders on these rides and they are a pleasant sociable ride. This ride contributes to the club run competition. Times may vary so keep an eye out on the club Facebook page for changes.


Sunday 09:30am (Club Run)

Club Run - 09:30am from the club house.  Destination varies but paced to the slowest rider.  These rides are typically longer than the Saturday rides. This ride contributes to the club run competition. Times may vary so keep an eye out on the club Facebook page for changes.


Event Calender



Club Handbook

Jottings For Members

If you have a Club grievance, report to your Committee to deal with it. Do not make it bigger by gossip. Support your Committee in all their efforts - they are working on your behalf. When social and other events are arranged give your best support. Your attendance and interest will encourage your Officials and Committee to do more. A Club cannot live without financial support - keep it alive. Time is precious, so always be punctual for Meetings and Runs. You cycle for pleasure, so do not let speed be your master. Enjoy the beauty of the countryside. Refrain from littering up the beauty spots. Others want to see them after you.

Conduct on Club Runs

First of all, you require to have your cycle in good mechanical order, with two efficient brakes and a front and rear light - also a small repair kit. The captain is in full control of the club runs and all members must abide by his instruction. The Captain will control the pace to that of the slowest rider on all rides. Riders should not ride more than two abreast, and in single file on busy main roads, or when the Captain gives orders. Always ride in a manner which will be a credit to your club. We rely on your conduct for the reputation of the club.

If you should be unfortunate enough to have an accident whilst on your cycle, here are a few points to make notes on at the time of the accident (always supposing you are in a sufficiently fit state.)

  1. Take the name and address of the driver and the owner of the other vehicle. If a motor vehicle, note the registration number.
  2. Note how many occupants there were in the vehicle (if any other than the driver) at the time of the accident and how they were seated.
  3. Obtain names and addresses of the witnesses, independent of possible, the more the better.
  4. Take careful details of the width and condition of the road, and the positions of all the vehicles thereon at the time of the accident, particularly distances from the near side of the mad.
  5. Note the approximate speed of the various vehicles immediately before the accident if available.
  6. If at night, note whether lamps were alight and note their positions.
  7. Note what action, if any, was taken by either party to avoid the accident.
  8. Note whether any warning approach or any other road signal was given.
  9. Note the time the accident took place.
  10. Note approximate age of driver.
  11. Inform B.C.F., R.T.T.C. or C.T.C. immediately.

For Club Run destinations and other info please visit Events section of website.

Strengths and Opportunities

Strengths and Opportunities

To help the committee understand members needs from the club it was decided to carry out a short consultation with members during club night 2nd January 2013. Members were asked to comment on current strengths of the club and opportunities for the club that might be exploited in the future. A list of each is included below. The idea is that the committee prioritise, grouping suggestions and exploring the feasibility of different ideas before identifying opportunities to pursue.



Good and growing membership

Skills audit of Members

Tolerance of old gits (mixture of ages)

Food and nutrition advice : )

Members are tradesmen

Single lap Pembrey race circuit time trial 1/4mile

29 female members

A structured medio training group

Club coaches

Specific structured targeted training (hills, fast, tempo)

Pushes on hills

Club’s own sportive

Maintenance sessions

Coaching camp (cornering clinic, sprint school, climbing camp)

Turbo sessions at the club

Using new media

Knowing shortcuts and safe routes

Quiz night

Alan and Jordan

Structured turbo sessions at the club

Challenging 50 & 75 mile events

Building on current achievements

Catering for all abilities

Roller racing

Helping each other

Off road circuit Carmarthen

Going to new places

Motorised club run

Diverse membership

A list of Welsh open TT’s on a notice board

The clubroom

Update website as a communication tool – shout-box and drop-box

Lots of people with experience to help you out

Club calendar with all events

Finding the best tea shops (pubs)

Wearing club kit as much as possible


Club sponsored team

Range of activities

Banner on the bridge


Collaborations – Gower Riders, Towy


Celebrating successes


Calendar girls and boys


Robert Davies Health & Fitness


Target WBAR


Investigate a local closed circuit


Blogging – diary of a time trialist/ sportivist


These possibilities could be grouped, assessed in terms of their ease of completion, easy, hard, rock and then a vision developed which would be driven by members ideas. This is what funds could then be sought for to continue the excellent work of the club over the last few years.

DW 07.01.13

Club History


The Bynea Cycling Club was formed on Easter Monday, 1937, by 7 or 8 cycling enthusiasts. Among these were the Wheeler brothers of Bynea, Llanelli, hence the adoption of the name of the Bynea CC.

In the early years these two brothers were a tower of strength to the Club, W. E. Wheeler, the elder, with administration, and D. I. Wheeler, the junior by a number of years, with his Track Racing activities where he was regarded for a number of years as outstanding in short distance events, holding the Welsh 440 yards sprint title at varying times during his career.

However, W.E. Wheeler was content in the early days to put the Club on a sound footing, with the formation of Rules etc, without which the Club can function efficiently. With all this administration W.E. Wheeler found time to include in Road Racing and Track Racing and even today his total of 42 points in a Season, based solely on Open Track events, on the basis of 3 points ..1st place, 2 points ..2nd place, and 1 point ..3rd place has not been surpassed by any member of the Club. This total of 42 points was set up in 1942.

Prior to the 1939/1945 War, the Club was gaining in strength numerically whilst it's activities increased season by season. However from 1939, a steady drain of Club members took place, one of the first to volunteer for Service with the R.A.F. was D. A. Jones, Club Captain in 1939 and also Treasurer of the Club during that year.

During the War years the Club Trophies were held in abeyance with very little sporting activity going on. However the members left behind were not inactive in their efforts to keep the Club on a sound basis by organising various raffles etc. which meant that in 1945 the Club had a reasonable credit balance. The main thanks for these activities must go to Mr & Mrs. W. J. Jenkins, of Dafen, Llanelli, who were valued members of the Club for many years. Commonly called "W.J." by his associates, W. J. Jenkins has now, unfortunately for the Club, ceased to be an active members, but retaining Life Membership of the Club and is also a Vice President. "W.J." also did excellent National administration in the Cycling World, being a member of the RTTC appeal panel and was also a delegate for South Wales to the RTTC (Road Time Trials Council). By the way his interests have now turned to Dog Breeding and he is an expert Judge in his field.

With the coming of 1946 the Club was very strong in members, with a peak period in 1951 of 150 fully paid up members. Touring and Sporting activity during this period was very prominent and an outstanding Time Trialist-Denzil Berrell was a great find in the Club. He ranked with the best in South Wales and was surely destined for further honors when an unfortunate accident resulted in sever injuries to the head which put an end to his cycling activities. Resulting from the accident substantial damages were obtained by the National Cycling Union for Denzil.

However, this loss to the Club of it's leading Time Triallists was a great incentive to other riders and the challenge was taken up by notably three riders-D.R. John, D.W. Lloyd and D. Cottrell.

To be Continued ...

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