Touring Activities


Bynea Cycling Club is proud to show the strength of our memberships.

Our members are of an average age of 30years, ranging from 13 through to a mighty 82years of age.

Our members are a mixture of both social, keep fit riders through to very enthusiastic competitive racers.

We can accommodate all levels at our club and will support any new member to have a welcoming, smooth transition into the exciting cycling world.

Why be a lone cyclist? Come and join our club and enjoy riding as groups of new friends

Club runs which are at a leisurely pace and always include a cafe stop, takes place every Saturday at 1.00pm and Sunday at 09.00am from our clubhouse.

The pace of these events is controlled by out club captain and always accomodates the youngest or least experienced rider on the day.

Our objective is to get people to enjoy the cycling experience whilst being a member of our club and not to scare them off with a ridiculous pace and distance, that would result in any new member not attending again!

There are more challenging rides for the serious rider but to find out, come and meet us on our club night every wednesday at 7.30pm where you will find out about all activities.

  Title First Name Surname
1 Mr Alexander John Andrews
2 Mr John Armstrong
3 Mr Ali Arzaghi Lashkari
4 Mr Peter Asplin
5 Mr Julius Bancud
6 Mr anonymous  
7 Mr Michael Beaton
8 Mr Nick Bebb
9 Mr Julian Bennett
10 Mr  Kevin Bessant
11 Mr John Bevan
12 Mr Mike Bevan
13 MR Huw  Beynon
14 Mr Mark Bowen
15 Mr David Brice
16 Mr Mike Broadbent
17 Mr Nigel Burford
18 Mr Peter Calvert
19 Mr Chris Caroll
20 Mr Jeff Chambers
21 Mr Adrian John Critten
22 Miss Laura Daniels
23 Mr Arwel Davies
24 Mr Kieron Davies
25 Mr Chris Davies
26 Mr Huw Rees Davies
27 Mr Hywel Davies
28 Mr Rhodri Davies
29 Mr Arwel Davies
30 Mr Lee Dennis
31 Mr Chris Dusgate
32 Mr Stuart Eadie
33 Mrs Annabel Edwards
34 Mr Robert Ellis
35 Mr John Ellis
36 Mr Hefin Evans
37 Miss Katie Evans
38 Mr  Wayne Evans
39 Mr Anthony Evans
40 Mr John Evans
41 Mr Barry Evans
42 Mr Gareth Fenn
43 Mr Derek Fenn
44 Mr Nicholas Forbes
45 Mr Brian Fox
46 Mr Joe Francis
47 Mr Joe Gamon
48 Mr Christopher Gibbard
49 Mrs Tina Grech
50 Mr David Greenway
51 Mr Martin Grey
52 Mr Emyr Griffiths
53 Mr Nigel Griffiths
54 Ms Nicola Griffiths
55 Mr Christopher Griffiths
56 Mr Tom Grigson
57 Mr Andrew Grist
58 Dr James Francis Hankin
59 Mr Dean Hardie
60 Mr Anthoney Harris
61 Mr Martin Harsant
62 Mr Tim Hart
63 Mr Barry Harty
64 Mr John Holt
65 Mrs Tina Holt
66 Mr Adam Holt
67 Mr Joe Holt
68 Ms Nicola Howells 
69 Mr Nigel Howells 
70 Mrs Gaynor Hughes
71 Mr Martyn Hughes
72 Mr Aled Hughes
73 Mr Stephen Hughes
74 Mr Bevan Humphreys
75 Mr John Hynam
76 Mrs Diane Hynam
77 Mr Robert Ibell
78 Mrs Jan Ibell
79 Mr Carwyn James
80 Miss Charlotte Jennings
81 Miss Louise Jennings
82 Mr Gordon Jennings
83 Mrs Ingrid Jennings
84 Mr Christian Jones
85 Mrs Hannah Jones
86 Master Kynan Jones
87 Mr Arthur Jones
88 Mr Alun Jones
89 Mr Phil Jones
90 Mr Alan Jones
91 Mr Tim Jones
92 Mr Mike Jones
93 Mr Dale Jones
94 Mr David Jones
95 Miss Vivianne Jones
96 Miss Molly Jones
97 Miss Megan Jones
98 Mr Dylan Jones
99 Mrs Janet Jones
100 Mr Jake Tyler Lane
101 Mr Edward Laverack
102 Mr Mervyn Lewis
103 Ms Angela Lewis
104 Mr Richard Lloyd
105 Miss Sarah Lloyd
106 Mr Jordan Makepeace
107 Mr Lance Makepeace
108 Mr Ed Mansel-Lewis
109 Mr James Mc Cormack
110 Mr Phil James Morgan
111 Mr Wayne Morgan
112 Mr Dennis Nelder
113 Mr Max Nethell
114 Mr Brett Nethell
115 Mrs Natalie Nethell
116 Mr Yeung Ng
117 Dr Gerard Oram 
118 Mr Andrew O'Sullivan
119 Mrs Betty Owen
120 Mr Alan Owen
121 Mr Simon Painter
122 Mr Jeff Patridged
123 Mr Tynam Payne
124 Miss Jade Payne
125 Mr Jeremy Payne
126 Mr Simon Paynter
127 Mr Justin Pearce
128 Mrs Gillian Phillips
129 Mr Gareth Phillips
130 Mr Rhodri Phillips
131 Mr Matthew Phillips
132 Mr Ben Phillips
133 Mr Jean Pozafindrakoto
134 Ms Michele Raithby
135 Mr Matthew Rees
136 Mr Paul Rees
137 Ms Sarah Rees
138 Dr/Miss Caryl Richards
139 Mr David Richards
140 Mr Trevor Richards
141 Mr Ian Richards
142 Mr Will Roberts
143 Mr Alex  Roberts
144 Miss Kelly Rowland
145 Mr Tom Samuel
146 Mr Craig Seaman
147 Mr John Shehan 
148 Mr Peter Simon
149 Mr Adrain Small
150 Ms Christina Smith
151 Mr Richard Thomas Smith
152 Mr Alan Smith
153 Mr Alan Smith
154 Mr Huw Morris Smith
155 Mr Mark Smith
156 Mr Charlie Solomon
157 Mr Dan Stanley
158 Mr Matthew Stephens
159 Mr Hywel Stredwick
160 Miss Lisa Sullivan
161 Mr Peter Swain
162 Mr Gary Thoams
163 Mr Keith Thoams
164 Mr Alun Thomas
165 Mr Alun Thomas
166 Mr Paul Thomas
167 Mr Phillip Thomas
168 Mr Roger Thomas
169 Mr Lee Thomas
170 Mr Tudor Thomas
171 Mr Jordan Thomas
172 Mr Rhys Thomas
173 Mr Clive Vickery
174 Mr James Walker
175 Mr Philip Walker
176 Mr Lee Watts
177 Mr Aled Williams
178 Mr John Williams
179 Mr Mark Williams
180 Ms Daisy Williams
181 Mr Darrel Williams
182 Mrs Amanda Williams
183 Ms  Molly Williams
184 Ms Pheobe Williams
185 Mr Leighton Williams
186 Mr David Wilson-Evans
187 Mr Steve Young
188 Mr  Steve Oliver
189 Mr Paul Hammond
190 Mr Nigel Breddy
191 Mr Matt Anthony
192 Mr Steve Clements
193 Mr David Huws
194 Mr Dave Grigson