Structured Rides


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Structured Rides

The Structured Rides (SR) have seen a whirlwind last 10 weeks.

Riders have committed to this package in order to give their bodies a new stimulus in 2019. The base of these rides is doing all your hard work in 90 minutes.

Often leaving around 8am, the riders will take on a bunch of intervals, that are designed to push them outside their comfort zone. Taking them on climbs that they may not have been on also creates an element of surprise that many will face in a race or sportive, so this is where learning to pace the individual effort comes in.

January saw us use the new Pembrey Cycle Race Circuit for natural ‘over-under’ intervals on the climb and on one particular week we had 17 riders tackle the SR. Coupled with the Club Run and Beginners ride, this made for a very successful weekend for the club considering it was January. At least 6 riders from the weekly SR rides are going on to tackle the Daffodil Sportive, Pendine at the end of February.

This is testament to the hard work and consistency they have put in over the last 8 weeks to have the confidence to set a goal so early in the year when many are still doing the usual approach of base miles. We have seen riders look to push themselves but wanted guidance and a group environment to be able to train in.

The intervals are already laid out for them and posted on Bynea Cycling Club’s Facebook Page during the week so people can plan for the weekends sessions.