Club Events 2018 Results


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Time Trial Result - 10/05/2018 - Club 10

1st Dave Brice 00:23:27  
2nd Guy Rees 00:23:41  
3rd Josh Townsend 00:25:31  
3rd Matt Green 00:25:31  
5th Vaughan O'Neil 00:25:39  
6th Morgan Lloyd 00:26:15 1st Junior
7th Leighton Davies 00:26:40  
8th John Williams 00:26:47  
9th Wayne Reyneke 00:26:52  
10th Paul Rees 00:27:07  
11th Wayne Evans 00:27:25  
12th Paul Jeffreys 00:28:30  
13th Andy Keward 00:29:40  
14th Carys Jeffreys 00:31:39 1st Lady
15th Trish Butchers 00:32:25  
16th Dewi Davies 00:44:55